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Thin, flexible, and ideal for compact devices and clutter-free home theater installations.
This thin HDMI cable is only 0.15" (3.8mm) in diameter. Almost 50% thinner than our regular HDMI cable (7.3mm). It is fully compliant with Highspeed HDMI, and delivers full 1080p picture and sound from cable box, blu-ray players, game consoles, DVRs, and more to your HDTV or PC display. And because the cable is only 0.15" diameter, ultra thin HDMI cable runs under carpet or along walls unobtrusively. Better still, the ultra thin HDMI cable enables it to bend at near right angles so you can easily make connections in tight spaces or put in a small handy camcorder case.

* HDMI: Highspeed HDMI
* Wire: 36AWG, 3.8mm OD
* Gold plated connectors
* RoHS compliant

3Ft High Speed HDMI Thin Cable 36AWG

SKU: 181310
Excluding Sales Tax
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