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HDMI 4x4 Matrix with IR Remote Control Extension, 3D

A true matrix 4 x 4 switch, up to 4 source devices and up to 4 displays can be connected. You can have the same video mirrored on all displays, or use the switch to send different video to each monitor. Input source for each display is selected by pushing button on HDMI matrix box, or using remote control.

** IR Extension function **
IR Extension function allows you to extend remote control IR signal through HDMI cable. Say you have a TV and cable box in the living room, and second TV in the bed room upstairs. You can change cable channel either in the living room or on the bed upstairs with the cable box remote control. You do not have to go downstairs each time you want to change cable channel.

HDMI 4x4 Matrix with IR Remote Control Extension

SKU: 110509
$219.95 Regular Price
$190.00Sale Price