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Introducing our Uniboot LC/UPC-LC/UPC OM4 Multimode Duplex electronic cable, perfect for high-speed data transmission over short distances. This cable features LC connectors on both ends, making it easy to install and use. The OM4 multimode fiber construction ensures optimal signal quality, while the duplex design allows for bi-directional communication. Plus, the uniboot design reduces clutter and saves space in your server room or data center. Upgrade your network with our reliable and high-performance Uniboot LC/UPC-LC/UPC OM4 Multimode Duplex cable.

Uniboot LC/UPC-LC/UPC OM4 Multimode Duplex

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  • Connector Type LC-LC with Pull Push Tab
    Polishing UPC
    Return Loss 55 dB
    Insertion Loss 0.30 dB (typical)
    Ferrule Material Ceramic (zirconia)
    Ferrule Diameter 1.25 mm / 2.5 mm
    Cabled Optical Fiber Uniboot OM4
    Nominal Diameter Core 50/125 µm
    Jacket Material OFNR
    Temperature Range -20°C +70°C
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