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The USB 3.0 Super Speed 5Gbps Type A Male to B Male Cable is a must-have for any electronic setup. With its plug-and-play technology, it's perfect for connecting your hard drive enclosures, printers, modems, cameras, and other SuperSpeed USB peripherals. This cable boasts a transfer rate of up to 4.8 Gbps when connected with a USB 3.0 compliant host and device, providing 10 times the capability of USB 2.0 (480 Mbps). Measuring at 1 foot in length, it's the perfect length for any desktop or laptop setup. Upgrade your technology with this reliable and high-speed USB 3.0 cable.

USB 3.0 Super Speed 5Gbps Type A Male to B Male Cable Blue Color

Excluding Sales Tax
    • Connect a printer, scanner, external hard drive or other larger peripheral devices with USB 3.0 type B port to your computer.
    • SuperSpeed USB 3.0 cable is 10 times faster than USB 2.0 cable.
    • Support data transfer rate up to 4.8GBps.
    • Double-shielded conductor reduces EMI/RFI interference to provide better performance.
    • All relevant materials are complied with RoHS directive.



    Connector A :  USB 3.0 Type A Male
    Connector B :  USB 3.0 Type B Male
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