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6 Outlet Surge Protector


This power strip protects against damaging electrical spikes and surges. It's design to provide safe power, and to 
filter radio Frequency (RFI) and Electrostatics (EMI) interference. The light indicates that the unit is protecting against surges and spikes.



Specs :

* 6 Otlet 
* 4Ft cord
* 14/3 AWG 
* Lighted On / Off Switch With Circuit Breaker 
* Outlet Safety Covers 
* 120V / 15A / 1800W
* 750 Joules 
* Noice Reduction ENI / RFI Filters 

4Ft 6 Outlet Surge Protector With ENI/RFI Filter 750J 120V 15A

SKU: PWR-215114
Excluding Sales Tax
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