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Introducing the 28AWG Slim Cat6 Cable with translucent clear boot, the perfect solution for high density environments where space is at a premium. This slim UTP patch cable is designed to improve airflow and cable management in tight spaces, allowing for easier installation and a more organized setup. At 60% thinner than standard 24 AWG Cat6 cables, these slim cables are ideal for reducing clutter and creating a more efficient networking environment. Plus, our Cat6 slim cables are 100% tested to pass patch cord test, ensuring reliable performance and durability. With RJ45 connectors featuring 50-micron gold-plated contacts, you can count on clear transmission and signal integrity, eliminating the risk of data loss due to corrosion. Upgrade your cable network with our slim Cat6 cables for a sleek and efficient solution.

5Ft 28AWG Slim Cat6 Cable with translucent clear boot

Excluding Sales Tax
Available in
  • * CM UTP PVC Jacket
    * RJ45 Connectors on both ends
    * 100% Pure copper wire
    * 50 Micron Gold plated RJ45 Plug
    * RoHS compliant
    * Design for networking adapters, Hubs, Switches, Router and Modems
    * Wire Gauge 28AWG
    * OD 3.6mm (+-)

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