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6 Outlet Energy Controlled Surge Protector w/Remote

This RF remote control surge protector allows you easily power off devices when not in use, saving both energy and money. A keychain remote switch allows you to turn off devices on 4 "remote controlled" outlets. Connect appliances that consume standby power such as TV or DVD player here. There are 2 transformer spaced "always on" outlet for devices such as fax or internet modem/router.

This surge protector comes with 2100 joules to protect valuable electronic devices from damaging power spikes, lightning and interference found in all electrical power sources. When this occurs, the surge protector dissipates the incoming and outgoing voltage to a level that that will not damage equipment or will completely shut down not allowing any electric current to reach any connected devices.

6 Outlet Energy Controlled Surge Protector

SKU: 215039
Excluding Sales Tax
  • * Rating: AC125V, 15A, 1875W
    * Joules rating; 2100J
    * Clamping voltage: 400V
    * Max spike current: 39000A
    * Max spike voltage: 6000V
    * Response Time: less than 1ns
    * EMI/RFI noise rejection: up to 20dB from150KHz to 30MHz
    * Remote switch battery included
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